Designing a unified way to track, understand, and act on your health data

User experience design / Data visualization / Brand system



Build a sprawling set of semi-functional prototypes to prove product concept


Create a “digital bedside manner” design philosophy to guide product development and user experience design


Craft a brand system and narrative to capture investor and partner imaginations


The Challenge

Digital experiences are changing health at a fundamental level: the consumerization of healthcare is driving patients to expect a more human, connected user experience. Reactive and even pre-emptive healthcare is giving way to personalized, predictive, and empathetic experiences. However, individuals are still not truly empowered to understand and manage their health.

  • Personal health data is splintered, siloed and coded like heiroglyphics:
    Individuals must cobble together and interpret their status of health without proper information or tools.

  • Present methods of patient engagement and compliance fail to motivate us:
    When preventative or treatment regimens require lifestyle changes, nonadherence can be as high as 70%.

  • Continuity of care is severely lacking, leading to avoidable negative outcomes:
    In some disease conditions, more than 40% of patients misunderstand, forget, or ignore healthcare advice.

The Solution

StoryMD seeks to solve these challenges by offering a StoryMD is a single, unified platform that translates all your health and wellness data into a visually-rich story, allowing you to track, understand, share, and act on your health information.

We designed a functional prototype of a web app that proves out a fundamental assumption: empowering patients with information about themselves leads to increased engagement, adherence to treatment and wellness protocols, and - ultimately - vastly improved outcomes.


Our Approach

We worked closely with StoryMD’s founding team to develop a high-fidelity design prototype showcasing how StoryMD would empower three key audiences: expecting mothers, Type 2 diabetics, and athletes.

Because speed was crucial, we adopted an agile approach, working in lockstep with StoryMD’s development team to design, validate, deploy, and refine the experience on a continual basis. The rapid cadence required us to forego a more typical, rigorous discovery process, leaning on informal user validation testing and user research to improve the user flow.


Our completed prototype combined a health library of tens of thousands of articles, images, and videos - mapped the international coding system for the transfer of clinical data - with an interactive personal health record allowing users to track their health and wellness data using a number of intuitive inputs.

  • Features include:

  • Account creation + health goal setting

  • User profiles + privacy configuration

  • Biomarker and wellness input tracking

  • Health dashboard

  • Health event feed

  • Interactive biomarker reference ranges

  • Private comment threads

  • Health article + media library

  • DICOM viewer

  • Rich search






3 months